Inclusion and Belonging Initiatives

The College of Architecture, Design and Construction believes that the designed and built world is enriched by differences in perspectives shaped by diversity. We are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive educational environment for our students, faculty and staff; we work to provide resources and opportunities for everyone in the College, including those from communities who have been historically underserved, underrepresented and marginalized.

The College of Architecture, Design and Construction strives to graduate culturally astute leaders who foster a climate of respect and open dialogue among stakeholders of all ethnicities and orientations. We achieve this through diverse industry partnerships, projects that impact underserved communities, research that benefits our land-grant mission, and experiences that challenge and address equity and access in the world of Architecture, Design and Construction.

Goals for the 2023–24 Academic Year

Goal 1:  Recruitment—Continue to develop and implement initiatives and efforts that enhance the recruitment of faculty, staff and students from underrepresented groups.

Goal 2: Readiness—Develop and implement programs and initiatives that prepare prospective students for CADC majors, prepare current students for the practice of CADC disciplines in a multicultural world, and prepare faculty and staff to effectively serve a diverse student body.

Goal 3: Retention—Provide robust support and mentoring for current CADC students.

Instruction, Research and Outreach

Auburn University’s mission is defined by the land-grant traditions of service and access rooted in instruction, research, and outreach. The College of of Architecture Design and Construction integrates these three pillars throughout our goals of inclusion and belonging.