Assistant Professor Amna Salman Makes CADC History

Amna Salman, Ph.D. Thesis Defense

Amna Salman, a native of Pakistan, has the distinction of being the first graduate of the McWhorter School of Building Science’s new doctoral program, one of only seven programs like it in the nation.

The recipient of a Presidential Graduate Research Fellowship from Auburn, she is not only a student, but also a three-time alumna and a faculty member. In addition to a doctorate in building construction, she holds master’s degrees in community planning and public administration from Auburn and is an assistant professor in the College of Architecture, Design and Construction (CADC).

“It’s exciting to be the first graduate of the program,” Salman said. “My education at Auburn has helped me become a better teacher and has opened so many doors to new research opportunities.”

Between her academic research and her doctoral dissertation, Salman has maintained an ambitious research agenda. She is glad to have the support of her colleagues, as well as funding from internal programs, including CADC Seed Grants and the McWhorter Fund for Excellence grants.

“I am so grateful to the building science faculty and staff, who have fostered an environment of intellectual curiosity and scholarly rigor,” she said. “I have never considered teaching and research to be work. I want to help young students deepen their love for learning and take that forward with them as a lifelong passion.”

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