Student Spotlight: Kaitlin Kirby

Auburn BSCI Student Kaitlin Kirby at the Robins & Morton Field Lab

Kaitlin Kirby

Auburn University’s College of Architecture, Design and Construction boasts an array of remarkable students. Among them is Kaitlin Kirby, a senior in the McWhorter School of Building Science. Originally from Lafayette, CA, Kaitlin is set to graduate in May 2024 with a Bachelor of Science in Building Construction.

Her academic journey has paved the way for an exciting career as she gears up to join Rogers & Willard, a prominent construction company based in Mobile, AL, as an assistant project manager in early June. Kaitlin expresses her gratitude for Auburn’s Building Science program, acknowledging its instrumental role in preparing her for the professional landscape. Her enthusiasm for the field is palpable as she anticipates the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in her career with Rogers & Willard.

Auburn BSCI Student Kaitlin Kirby at the Robins & Morton Field Lab
Kirby (center) with peers at the Robins & Morton Field Lab.

As president of Auburn’s Associated Builders and Contractors (ABC) Student Chapter, Kirby states, “I have learned the importance of networking, improved my leadership skills and had the opportunity to meet many amazing people in Building Science that I would not have met otherwise.”

In its first year back since the challenges posed by the pandemic, Kaitlin is actively contributing to the reactivation of the chapter. Monthly meetings provide a platform for industry professionals to impart valuable insights, fostering a collaborative environment.

Kirby adds, “ABC Alabama has been a huge support to us, and none of our meetings would have been possible without their help.”

Kirby is maximizing her involvement outside of the classroom by participating in competition team and internship opportunities. She feels that Building Science’s competition teams, a hallmark of the program, have allowed her to apply theoretical knowledge in practical settings, while her three internships with Straticon, Layton Construction Company and Robins & Morton have provided real-world experience.

Kaitlin Kirby
Kirby (right) on a job site during her internship with Robins & Morton.

“I am so grateful to each of the competition teams I have been a part of over the years,” she shared. “Likewise, I would not be where I am today without the support and opportunities provided to me through these internships.”

One aspect of the industry that particularly captivates Kaitlin is the intersection of technology and construction. She recognizes the pivotal role her generation plays in bringing technological advancements to the companies they join post-graduation. Auburn’s Building Science program has equipped Kaitlin and her peers with exposure to industry-standard technology, setting them apart from their counterparts nationwide.

“There is so much room for technological advancement in our industry, and our generation has the responsibility of bringing it to the companies we become a part of after graduating,” Kirby emphasizes.

Reflecting on her academic journey, she identifies Project Analysis and Scheduling as two standout classes. These courses, she notes, bridged gaps between theoretical learning and practical application gained from internships, offering a holistic understanding of the field. Kaitlin expresses gratitude for the outstanding faculty in Auburn’s Building Science program, highlighting their commitment to student success and the valuable advice they have shared. As Kaitlin steps into the next phase of her career, her story serves as an inspiration to current and future students, illustrating the possibilities that unfold through dedication and a passion for one’s field.