Research, Scholarship and Creative Work

CADC Research Council

The CADC Research Council (CADCRC) is composed of representatives from CADC academic units, research centers and research initiatives. The CADCRC serves in an advisory capacity for the definition and implementation of the college’s research strategies and policies, and plays a vital role in the review and evaluation of internally funded research proposals.




Chair and CADC Associate Dean for Research Karen Rogers
CADC representative on the AU Faculty Research Council Joyce Thomas
Rural Studio Front Porch Initiative Rusty Smith
Urban Studio Jennifer Cloe
DESIGNhabitat Justin Miller
Assistive Technology Lab Jerrod Windham
StudioHealth Shea Tillman
User Experience Lab Wei Wang
School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture John Pittari and Robert Holmes
McWhorter School of Building Science Salman Azhar and Wes Collins
School of Industrial and Graphic Design Chris Arnold and Robert Finkel
Center for Construction Innovation and Collaboration Paul Holley
CADC Research Manager Jessica Holmes
CADC Academic Program Manager Juanita Dowdell