SIGD Alum Honored by IDSA

Chris Livaudais, a 2002 graduate of Auburn’s School of Industrial and Graphic Design, was recently named a recipient of the Industrial Designers Society of America’s (IDSA) 20/23 Recognitions, which honor professional, young professional and affiliate members for dedication and service to the organization.

Chris Livaudais
Chris Livaudais

Livaudais has been a dedicated supported of SIGD for more than 20 years and serves on the  SIGD Advisory Council.

Livaudais has been an active member of IDSA over the years, serving as Atlanta Chapter Chair, South District Vice President, West District Chapter Representative and a member of the Board of Directors. He served as the Executive Director of IDSA from 2018–2022, where he was responsible for orchestrating a multi-year strategic plan to reinvigorate membership and position the organization for future success.

Currently a Senior Design Consultant with the Coca-Cola Company’s Global Design Team in Atlanta, GA, Livaudais leads an international cross-functional team of designers, marketers, project managers and executive leadership to create a best-in-class customer experience for one of the world’s most well-known brands. Prior to his time at Coca-Cola, Livaudais was Senior Design Consultant at Embraer in the San Francisco area and Creative Director of InReality in Atlanta.

“Chris works in industrial design as many of us would classically define it — but also in high-concept futures, experience, research and strategy,” shared Megan Neese, chair of IDSA’s Board of Directors. “For him, all of this can co-exist and inform a sense of possibility and promise for the future of IDSA.”

In his role on SIGD’s Advisory Council, Livaudais works alongside other SIGD alumni and industry partners to enhance the School’s educational and research prospects, bolstering educational programs and applied research initiatives and fostering collaboration among industry, design education and the public. The council plays a pivotal role in advising SIGD faculty and leadership on aligning educational goals with industry standards and best practices. It serves as a crucial resource in the development of SIGD’s next five-year strategic plan.

“I hope to help advance the type of education that Auburn industrial and graphic design students receive, positioning them for success upon graduation,” Livaudais stated. “I’m also looking forward to reconnecting SIGD faculty and alumni who are involved with the Council.”

In his more than 20 years since leaving the Plains, he has been involved in design, strategy, innovation, foresight and organizational leadership, working on everything from architectural water features and retail environments to smart mattresses and autonomous flying aircraft. Livaudais is grateful for his illustrious professional journey but has never forgotten his Auburn roots.

“Some of my favorite memories from Auburn are working on projects with my peers in studio,” he shared. “These formative experiences taught me how to collaborate and be inspired by others. I learned a lot about managing my time, overcoming mistakes, persevering through challenges in the design process and supporting others, skills that have served me well in my career.”