SIGD Advisory Council Welcomes New Members

The School of Industrial and Graphic Design (SIGD) is pleased to announce the expansion of its Advisory Council under the leadership of School Head Wei Wang.

With this update, the council has reached its largest size yet, welcoming 24 new members.

Wang expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “The majority of the group comprises esteemed Auburn alumni, deeply familiar with SIGD. Those who aren’t alumni boast significant achievements in their respective fields.”

The primary objective of the SIGD Advisory Council is to enhance the educational and research prospects of the School of Industrial and Graphic Design. This is achieved through bolstering educational programs, supporting applied research initiatives and fostering collaboration among industry, design education and the public.

The council plays a pivotal role in advising SIGD faculty and leadership on aligning educational goals with industry standards and best practices. It serves as a crucial resource in the development of SIGD’s next five-year strategic plan.

Wei Wang emphasized the value of council members’ industry insights, noting, “Their ability to identify gaps in our approach based on industry feedback is invaluable. They act as our eyes and ears in the field.”

Comprising members from various career stages and regions across the country, the council selection process involves faculty nominations followed by voting. Members are required to visit the campus at least once annually and participate in the SIGD student show at the end of each Spring semester.

Wei Wang highlighted the significance of the SIGD student show, where Advisory Council members give studio awards and conduct one-on-one portfolio reviews.

He underscored, “Our council members hold influential positions worldwide, and many of them are involved in hiring. This interaction ensures our students are better prepared for what the design industry needs.”

Having served SIGD faculty and students for decades, the Advisory Council has been a cornerstone of the school’s success. The new council commenced its four-year term on Jan. 1, 2024.

“I’m thrilled to welcome our new SIGD Advisory Council,” Wang said. “This group of design professionals will play a vital role in shaping the future of design education at SIGD. Their commitment to service reflects not only duty but also honor.”

2024–2027 SIGD Advisory Council Members

Industrial Design

Heather Bybee ’10 (2024-2027)
Senior Packaging Designer
Loop Earplugs

Anjuli Calvert ’08 (2024-2027)
Principal Design Strategist & Service Designer

Dorsey Cox ’85 (2024-2025) — SIGD Advisory Council Chair
Design Manager
CFGroup, LLC

Andrew Edge ’19 (2024-2027)
Senior Industrial Designer

Josh Ekandem ’07, ’09 (2024-2027)
Design Technologist

Michael Hicks ’09 (2024-2025)
Senior Designer
Altium Packaging

Chris Livaudais ’02 (2024-2027)
Sr. Design Consultant
The Coca-Cola Company

Devin Moore ’83 (2024-2027)
Innovator and Designer

Ken Musgrave ’89 (2024-2027)

John Payne ’90 (2024-2027)
Head of Design / Adjunct Faculty
Public Policy Lab / Illinois Institute of Technology

Michael Smith ’91 (2024-2027)
Vice President | Global Experience Design | HP Print
HP, Inc.

Lauren Weigel ’08, ’09 (2024-2027)
Vice President & General Manager
Madison Air, Thermastor

Adam Williams ’09 (2024-2027)
UX Design and Delivery Lead

Graphic Design

Allison Braund-Harris ’13 (2024-2027)
Chief Executive Officer

Avery Dove ’18 (2024-2027)
Graphic Designer / Motion Designer
Copperwing Design

Olivia French ’18 (2024-2027)
Owner + Creative Director

Joey Graddy ’00 (2024-2027)
Partner / Executive Creative Director
Brand Neue Co.

Zach Hobbs ’02 (2024-2027)
Design Director

Kat Hollister ’07 (2024-2027)
Senior Manager, Product Design
Peloton Interactive

Jordan Johnston ’07 (2024-2027)
Creative Director

Madison Maloney ’15 (2024-2027)
Design Director
Rifle Paper Co.

Virginia Patterson ’13 (2024-2027)
Graphic Designer and Design Educator

Caitlin Piery ’14 (2024-2027)
Design Operations Lead

Ben Rivers ’96 (2024-2027)
VP Creative Studios, UPS Global Communications

Morgan Searcy ’19 (2024-2027)
Creative Lead and Strategist

James Sommerville (2024-2027)
Founder + CEO

Elise Thomason ’00 (2024-2025) — GDES Vice Chair
Designer, Illustrator, and Artist

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