World Studio

We would like to thank the participants of the inaugural World Studio 2019.  45 videos were peer reviewed and presented from 12 World Studio partners totaling approximately 3 hours of viewing time.

Auburn University celebrated World Studio Day on Friday, 29 March 2019.


Listed alphabetically by institution.

The University of Alberta – Canada, (4 videos)
Auburn University – USA, (19 videos)
Boris Fabris Studio – Italy, (1 video)
Boston Architectural College – USA, (3 videos)
Burren College of Art – Ireland, (1 video)
Effat University – Saudi Arabia, (1 video)
The University of Georgia – USA, (1 video)
India Institute of Science – India, (3 videos)
National College of Art and Design – Ireland, (2 videos)
Shu-Te University – Taiwan, (7 videos)
University of Tennessee – USA, (1 video)
Virginia Commonwealth University – USA, (2 videos)

Every effort was made to include videos with a diversity of quality, content and messaging.