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Study Abroad

Industrial and Graphic Design students have the opportunity to study in Ireland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Scotland, England, and Italy. Programs are offered in Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters.

Ireland: Industrial and Graphic Design

Industrial Design students in this program will have the opportunity to collaborate with students at the National College of Art and Design (Dublin, Ireland), the Carlow Institute of Technology (Carlow, Ireland), Burren College of Art in (Ballyvaughan, Ireland), Magee College (Derry, Northern Ireland), the Glasgow School of Art (Glasgow, Scotland), and Loughborough University (Leichestershire, UK). As part of this program students also travel to Milan and Venice, Italy.

Students on Ireland study abroad experience
Students on Ireland study abroad experience

Graphic Design students will be part of a ten- to twelve-day excursion to Dublin, Ireland. The students will make several trips outside of Dublin city. Throughout the program, field trips may be made to several of the following major historical and artistic centers including St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Galway, The Burren College of Art, and Cliffs of Moher. The course will revolve around actual photography, print design, and/or web design developed from your personal experience while in Dublin, Ireland.


The Taiwan Program offers Industrial Design students an opportunity to enjoy and experience cultural exchange, cultivate a broader worldview, learn to accept and respect those who are different, exercise communication skills through different means as designers, develop lasting friendship, and recognize equality cross culturally. Classes are conducted four days a week. Visits of design-related sites, events, design workshops, and sightseeing take place the rest of the week. Participants will also spend five days in Hong Kong visiting design-related places.


Students in this program study art history, figure drawing, painting, and the arts of Asia at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Students experience a variety of global influences and techniques. This program is not available every year, so check with faculty for more information.


AU's Industrial Design participating in Launchbox Workshop in Saint Étienne France

Industrial Design students travel to Saint-Etienne, France during the Spring semester to take part in an international innovation workshop, L*unchbox, at the Nationale Supérieure des Mines. L*unchbox is a multidisciplinary, multinational, design-led, experiential-based, four-day creative event. It is a unique opportunity for students to engage in design thinking with others from diverse cultures and disciplines.


INDD is developing a relationship with Reutlingen University in Germany to support an exchange program that bring student / faculty teams to workshops supported by each of the partner institutions.