SIGD Welcomes the IDSA South District Conference

SIGD Welcomes the IDSA South District Conference

The School of Industrial + Graphic Design welcomes the IDSA 2016 South District Design Conference: “desXgn— experience is everything” to Auburn University on April 15–16, 2016.

Featured speakers include:

Kendrick Anderson of Kendrick Anderson Furniture

Jeevak Badve of Sundberg-Ferar

Matthew Chambers of Confederate Motors

Pam Dorr of H.E.R.O.

Russell Kroll of Formation Design Group

Damiam Mycroft of Coca-Cola

Jeff Smith of Autodesk

Jessica Saurez of Cinnabon

Laurissa Wolfram-Kvass of MailChimp

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Conference Schedule


9:00am–2:00pm Design Green Competition

2:00–2:30pm Welcome & Introduction | Chris Livaudais, IDSA, InReality

2:30–3:00pm Everything Matters—Innovating Experience, Russell Kroll, IDSA, Formation Design Group

3:00–3:30pm The Audience Research, Laurissa Wolfram-Hvass, MailChimp

3:30–4:15pm Coffee Break

4:15–5:00pm The True “Vehicle” of Design Experience, Jeevak Badve, IDSA, Sundberg-Ferar

5:00–5:45pm Kiss the Past Hello ​ – New Ways to Deliver Familiar Experiences, Damian Mycroft, Coca-Cola

5:45–6:00pm Closing Remarks | Chris Livaudais, IDSA, InReality


9:00–9:45am Morning Coffee

9:45–10:00am Welcome & Introduction | Michael Rall, IDSA

10:00–10:45am Portfolio Review Session A

10:00–10:45am Workshop Session – Sketch On! A Workshop, Jeff Smith, IDSA, Autodesk

10:45–11:00am Rotate Sessions

11:00–11:45am Portfolio Review Session B

11:00–11:45am Workshop Session – Sketch On! A Workshop, Jeff Smith, IDSA

12:00–1:15pm Lunch @ Dudley Hall – Sponsor Exhibitor Gallery Open

1:15–1:30pm Welcome & Introduction | Chris Livaudais, IDSA, InReality

1:30–2:00pm Against the Grain: Designing/Making on a Smaller Scale, Kendrick Anderson, Kendrick Anderson Furniture

2:00 –2:30pm The Winning Card, Jessica Suarez, Cinnabon

2:30 –3:00pm Bamboo Blitz, Pam Dorr, Hale Empowerment and Revitalization Organization, Inc. (HERO)

3:00 –3:30pm Coffee Break

3:30 –5:00pm Student Merit Presentations

5:00 –5:45pm RE-BEL, Matthew Chambers, Confederate Motors

5:45 –6:00pm Closing Remarks | Student Merit Winner Announced | Chris Livaudais, IDSA & Donald Corey, IDSA

6:30–7:30pm Closing Party – The Hotel at Auburn University

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