SIGD Student Wins Rotational Molding Design Competition

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Industrial Design student Jack Hardy has been named the winner of the 2023 Rotational Molding Product Design Competition.

Jack Hardy
SIGD student Jack Hardy has been named the winner of 2023 Rotational Molding Product Design Competition sponsored by Winsell Granites for Plastics.

Sponsored by Winsell, a company that specializes in granite-effect colorants for plastic rotational molding, the theme of the competition was “Backyard Experience.” Participants were required to create outdoor recreational products that would be manufactured primarily through rotational molding using Winsell granites. Hardy’s winning entry was the OnPar Putting Green.

Hardy, a senior in the School of Industrial and Graphic Design (SIGD), created his putting green design in his third year Product Design Studio taught by Associate Professor Joyce Thomas. Thomas challenged her students to create a unique product for outdoor recreation that encourages wholesome and sustainable activities movement, exercise, health and well-being. In creating a “Backyard Experience,” students sought thoughtful solutions that have high market potential and visual appeal and fit on a standard shipping pallet.

When he heard the competition was open to all students studying design and engineering, Hardy immediately knew he wanted to enter. “I was excited to hear about this opportunity because I have a competitive spirit and am always up for a challenge,” he stated. He began by researching the capabilities and limitations of rotational molding and then looked into the market for putting greens. “I found that many golf greens are for indoor use and don’t pose much of a challenge for the user. I felt that not only was there room for a higher-quality golf green but also for one that was more exciting than all others available.” He explored challenging greens on major golf courses and incorporated their topographies into his design. Hardy’s OnPar Putting Green features an eight-piece assembly with padded turf and porous surfaces for drainage. The green can easily be disassembled for storage.

Hardy says the putting green concept was the perfect product to be made with this production technique. “Rotational molding allows you to make large plastic pieces with consistent surface thickness, and Winsell’s granite-effect colorants also make for visually appealing indoor/outdoor backyard furniture and accessories.” Thomas says that Jack found the competition’s theme to be a great opportunity to combine his two passions of golf and industrial design. “He used a human-centered design approach in problem finding and drove toward an innovative design solution. People who have seen the OnPar Putting Green are asking when and where they can buy it!”

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