Reality Capture for Construction Sites


Reality Capture techniques, such as LiDAR, 360° photography and photogrammetry, have been used in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry for decades with various applications. These applications include as-built documentation, quality assurance (QA) and quality control (QC), progress reporting, planning, damage assessment, and marketing, etc. More recently, robot has been identified by many construction professionals as the next revolutionized technology for AEC industry that can significantly improve the productivity, quality and safety of building construction.

With the support from CCIC, the team of this research project has implemented and conducted multiple rounds of on-site testing for reality capture technology, utilizing LiDAR scanners, 360O cameras and BSCI’s robotic dog, Mac at the Auburn Culinary Science Center (CSC) project site in the spring and summer of 2021.  The findings of this research have approved the value and efficiency of using the technology for documenting the as-built condition and progressing of a construction project. The project team has also identified some limitations of such technology.  Furthermore, the contractor involved in this research was inspired by the new technology and started investigating them on other projects.

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