Fall 2013 Lecture Series Welcomes Riccardo d’Aquino

Riccardo d’Aquino & Partners works in Architecture, Monument Restoration and Urban Design. The firm, which has collaborated for over 25 years, is located in Rome, Italy. Projects realized include the design of the archeological area of Giardino delle Milizie within the Mercati di Traiano historical site in Rome, the recovery design of the original Trajan’s Level and restoration of the Hypogean structures of the 17th Century Monastery of Santa Caterina, the restoration design of the monumental buildings for the Porta di Mezzo and the 15th Century tower within the historic center of Gallese, and the restoration design for the Sanctuary of the Ercole Vincitore in Tivoli.

Riccardo d’Aquino received his PhD in Architecture Design in 1992 at Roma Saienza. In 2011 he won the Silver Medal in the International Prize “Domus”¬†of Preservation in Ferrara with the restoration project at the Basilica of S. Stefano Rotondo in Rome.