ENVD Alum’s Research Aids Hurricane Relief

ENVD Alum's Research Aids Hurricane Relief

At Auburn University, we talk about the impact that research can have on our communities. Stephen Cummings, a recent graduate of the Environmental Design program, embraces this principle, and today his research project (completed in ENVD 4010 and ENVD 4970) is connecting Auburn resources with people and communities impacted by Hurricane Florence.

While working as a bellman at the Auburn University Hotel and Conference Center (AUHCC), Stephen noticed the large quantities of soap bars and bottles that were thrown away when rooms were cleaned. He reached out to Clean the World Foundation (CTW), an organization whose mission is saving lives around the world through improving hygiene. According to its website, CTW has distributed more than 41 million bars of soap to those in need of basic hygiene products around the world. Working with AUHCC management, Stephen was able to enroll the hotel in Clean the World’s partner program, which cleanses and recycles soap from hotels for redistribution to disaster areas and other people in need around the globe. “I was in Auburn over the weekend and stopped by the hotel to say hello to some former coworkers,” Stephen writes in a recent email. “The housekeeping manager was really excited to show me the CTW bins full of soap and shampoo containers. This shipment will be sent to the Carolinas as part of the CTW effort in hurricane relief!”

“…I believe in the human touch, which cultivates sympathy with my fellow men and mutual helpfulness and brings happiness for all…”

From the first day of orientation through graduation day, Auburn students become familiar with the words of the Auburn Creed. Those words come to life through Auburn alumni like Stephen: because of his research project, AUHCC is the third hotel in the state of Alabama to participate in the CTW partner program, and plans to continue to recycle its unused soap through the foundation.