Cassandra Mellon, CSI, CCPR & Alejandra Nieto

“Understanding Stone Wool” was a talk delivered by Cassandra Mellon and Alejandra Nieto, both from Rockwool North America.  The talk focused on Mineral Wool insulation, how it is manufactured and the impact on the environment caused when creating this material. Emphasis was placed on how stone wool insulation can improve thermal, fire, water and sound suppression in a well detailed wall assembly.

Cassandra Mellon, CSI, CCPR is the Director of Architectural Sales at ROCKWOOL. She holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Alejandra Nieto has a background in architecture and design with a diploma in Architectural Technology and a Bachelor Degree in Construction Science & Management from George Brown College. Most recently, she received her Master’s Degree in Building Science at Ryerson University. Alejandra’s role at ROCKWOOL Building Science includes providing unbiased building enclosure solutions to the architectural community; advancing the research of enclosure system performance and promoting energy efficient and sound building science practices within industry.