CADC Studio Collaboration Yields License Agreement with Knaack, LLC

Knaack, LLC, a leading manufacturer of job site security and storage equipment, has signed a license agreement with the College of Architecture, Design and Construction for the design and know-how associated with the Jobsite Storage Unit developed in a Fall 2011 studio collaboration between the McWhorter School of Building Science and what was then the Department of Industrial + Graphic Design. The project was designed by then industrial design student Nickolas Madsen, Industrial Design Professor Tsailu Liu, who is now head of the Department of Industrial Design at North Carolina State University, Building Science Professor Paul Holley and Mike Thompson, a visiting industry professor in the McWhorter School of Building Science. The focus of the project was better drawer design and placement for gang boxes used on construction sites. It is now marketed as Knaack’s “Jobsite Chest With Junk Trunk.” The CADC and Auburn University will receive a modest royalty over the next three years.

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