CADC New Faculty and Staff

Welcome back!

It’s back to school in the CADC, and Fall 2016 welcomes new faculty and staff and sees transitions across the college.

CADC Dean’s Office and CADC Staff

Ben Farrow, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and International Programs
Colleen Newschwander, CADC Executive Coordinator
Evan Thomas, CADC Development Associate
Katherine Buck, CADC Recruiter
Jeanne Manning, CADC Academic Advisor
Hunt “Hobie“ Henning, CADC IT – UTM

School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture
Rob Holmes, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture
Shawn Protz, Visiting Professor of Architecture
David Kennedy, Visiting Professor of Architecture
Jake LaBarre, Visiting Professor of Architecture

New in Tenure Track Positions 
Valerie Friedmann, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture
Il Kim, Assistant Professor of Architecture
Danielle Willkens, Assistant Professor of Architecture
Fall Adjuncts 

Zdenko Krtic, Landscape Architecture
Dick Hudgens, Architecture (Rural Studio)
Judd Landham, Landscape Architecture
Dan Ballard, Landscape Architecture
Dale Speetjens, Landscape Architecture
John Threadgill, Landscape Architecture
Randal Vaughan, Architecture
Ben Wieseman, Architecture

Tarik Orgen

McWhorter School of Building Science

Tenure Track
April Simons
Alan Bugg
Jeff Kim
Eric Wetzel (joined the faculty spring semester 2016)

Senior Lecturer
Les Carter

Peter Weiss

School of Industrial + Graphic Design

Chris Arnold, Industrial Design Program Chair

Tin Man Lau, Graduate Program Chair

Randy Bartlett, Post-Bacc Program Chair

Bret Smith named Director of Interdisciplinary Studies and Associate Director of University College


John Morgan in May 2017