CADC Mourns Loss of Christian Rushing

CADC Mourns Loss of Christian Rushing

Chattanooga urban design leader and CADC Community Planning alumnus, Christian Rushing, died Wednesday, February 1. He was 44 years old. He was a native of Montgomery, Alabama who spent his career practicing urban design in Chattanooga. He served as executive director of the Chattanooga Design Studio.

“Christian was one of the few students I taught who, after graduating, became not only a valued urban design colleague, but a true friend,” says John Pittari, Associate Professor of Architecture. “I’ve followed closely his passionate advocacy for good urban design in Chattanooga, and the very significant achievements he (working with others, of course) was able to accomplish there over the past two decades—that city is a better place today for his having lived and worked there. I never cease to be amazed at the leadership role he took in “reincarnating” the Chattanooga Design Studio during the last several years, despite his ongoing battle with stage 4 cancer, and am so happy he was able to witness its opening before he passed.”

Pittari goes on to say, “Christian was also a good and loyal friend of the CADC (despite his crazy love of Alabama football) and provided admirable service to us whenever it was needed. His design presence will truly be missed.”

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