Birmingham Business Journal Names CADC Alumni to Who’s Who in Building 2023

Birmingham Business Journal's Who's Who in Building 2023

Congratulations to those alumni of the College of Architecture, Design and Construction (CADC) who were named to Birmingham Business Journal’s list of Who’s Who in Building 2023. These professionals in the construction and design industries were recognized for their leadership and service to their industries and the impact they have made professionally on the city of Birmingham. Out of the 71 people named to the list, 25 were graduates of CADC. Congrats!

Joel Blackstock | Principal and CEO, Williams Blackstock Architects (B.Arch, 1980)

Jeffrey Brewer | CEO, Goodwyn Mills Cawood (B.Arch, 1995)

Turner Burton | President, Hoar Construction (B.S. in Building Construction, 2007)

Neil Davis | President, Davis Architects (B.Arch, 1976)

Daniel Dillon | President, Rives Construction Co. (B.S. in Building Construction, 1999)

Tommy Duncan | Owner, Duncan & Thompson Construction (B.S. in Building Construction, 1979)

Dan Fritts | President, Fifth Dimension Architecture & Interiors (B.Arch, 2001)

Mike Gibson | Co-founder and Design of Design, Creature, LLC (B.Arch 2006, M. Community Planning 2006)

Jim Gorrie | CEO, Brasfield & Gorrie (B.S. in Building Construction, 1984)

Billy L. Harbert | President and CEO, B.L. Harbert International (B.S. in Building Construction, 1988)

Everett Hatcher | President, CMH Architects (B.Arch, 1970)

Jim M. Huckestein | Principal, Hendon + Huckestein Architects (B.Arch, 1991)

Philip M. Kennedy | Executive Vice President, BDG Architects (B.Arch, 1985)

Craig Krawczyk | President, LIVE Design Group (B.Arch, 1997)

Bill Morton | Chairman and CEO, Robins & Morton (B.S. in Building Construction, 1987)

Robert Murphy | Senior Vice President and Managing Principal, Gresham Smith (B.Arch, 1982)

Louis Nequette | President, Nequette Architecture & Design (B.Arch, 1993)

Chuck Penuel | Operating Manager, Birchfield Penuel & Associates (B.Arch, 1978)

John H. Poole | President and Founder, Poole and Co. Architects (B.Arch, 1986)

Chris Reebals | President and Principal, Christopher Architecture and Interiors (B.Arch, 1992)

Dick L. Richard | Managing Principal, TRO Jung|Brannen (B.Arch, 1986)

Michael Shows | Principal, Chambless King Architects (B.Arch, 2010)

Hugh Thornton | Chairman, KPS Group (B.Arch, 1980)

Dwayne Timothy | President, CTSM Architects (B.Arch, 1985)

Charles Williams | President, Charles Williams & Associates (B.Arch, 2006)