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McWhorter Fund for Excellence Grants

The Earlon McWhorter ’68 and Betty McWhorter Fund for Excellence (McWFFE) was established to “further collaboration between the major academic disciplines in the College of Architecture, Design and Construction,” specifically in the area of design-build. The 2022 cycle is expected to open in late Fall 2022.

2021 Awardees


Junshan Liu, Gorham Bird, and David Smith
Realizing Alabama’s Rosenwald Schools: Phase V: Exhibition Fabrication

Building on previously completed phases of this research project, this grant proposal seeks support for the design and fabrication of exhibition material, including flat printed media, 3D models, and digital/interactive environments by enabling collaboration across all schools of the CADC.

Rusty Smith, Eric Wetzel, Farnaz Jafari, Betsy Farrell Garcia, Mackenzie Stagg
Optimizing Integration and Adoption of Healthy Building Materials in the Design of Energy Efficient, Resilient Single-Family Building Envelope Assemblies: Task 2, Building Envelope Analysis

The goal of this research is to support the development of a detailed analysis of building envelopes and assemblies currently utilized in Rural Studio Product Line Homes, along with an assessment of their characteristics relative to the Healthy Building Network’s (HBN) HomeFree “Red List.” This assessment will be a key component in securing follow-on funding for the design and execution of an Implementation Study focused on increasing the adoption of design and intervention strategies that significantly reduce and/or eliminate SVOC’s and asthma triggers often found in synthetic building envelope components.