CADC Announces 2023 Seed Grant Awardees

The College of Architecture, Design and Construction (CADC) is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2023 CADC Seed Grant Awards, which provide funding to support faculty research, scholarship and creative work. Seventeen projects were selected, totaling more than $100,000, the highest amount ever awarded through the CADC Seed Grant program.

“The CADC is committed to supporting the development of impactful scholarship and research by our faculty,” shared David Hinson, CADC Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research. “Over the past 10 years, the CADC’s investment in the Seed Grant program has born amazing results for the college. We’re excited about the quality and scope of the projects we’ve funded this year.”

The 2023 CADC Seed Grant awardees are as follows: 

Mark Alan Blumberg
Restorative Urbanism — Engagement, Exploration, Exhibition, Dialog

Gwendolyn Cohen
Soil Atlas of the Alabama Blackland Prairie

Sarah Coleman and Isaac Cohen
Super Significant Sections: Reading Cultural Landscapes as ‘Process’

Eilís Finnegan
Gifting, Ghosting and Giga-waste

Aurélie Frolet
Drawing Divine Water: Analyzing the Nuragic Holy Wells of Sardinia

Matthew Hall and Nathan Matteson
Judgment & Value: A case study on architectural impact

David Hill
Auburn Basins [Experimentation + Monitoring]

Kelly Homan
Alabama Grasslands 2.0

Frank Hu
Expanding Scales of sUAS Multispectral Imagery Analytics

Emily Knox, William Shivers and Kiel Moe
Auburn Forest First Futures

Junshan Liu
Data Collection and Analysis for the Sustainable Preservation of Cultural Heritage Sites in Petra, Jordan

John J. Pittari, Jr.
Housing War Workers and Building Community [book proposal]

David Shanks and Jake Elbrecht
Sylvan Skins: Timber Overclad Panels for Net-Zero Carbon Retrofit of Affordable Housing

Robert Sproull
Exploring the Intersection of Critical and Social Infrastructure in European Architecture and Landscape

Xavier Vendrell
Site, Construction, My Favorite Movies and Other Circumstances—Xavier Vendrell, architect

Eric M. Wetzel and Kenneth S. Sands, II
Core Temperature Visualization System (COTVIS)

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