Summer 2020 – ENVD

ENVD 2100 I Reimagining the Dudley Courtyard

This design proposal reimagines the Dudley Courtyard, not just a pass through space, but a destination, for CADC and non-CADC students alike. The reimagined courtyard will be a meeting place and will ultimately increase social and educational outcomes. With diverse meeting spaces, this design solution fosters natural, spontaneous conversations as well as studious isolation, both of which have proven to increase learning outcomes.


ENVD 4100 I McClean Gonzalez

This project studies the street as public space in Montgomery, AL and focuses on creating an Equal Justice District connecting civil rights sites.

ENVD 4100 I Craig Barker

This proposal sought to connect the urban revitalization energy currently happening in downtown Birmingham to the West End Valley Creek Corridor through a series of linear parks and reimagined streetscapes.