BSCI Student Fiona Bangoy using laptop in the Vis Lab in Gorrie Center




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Laptop Specifications

Auburn University’s McWhorter School of Building Science is committed to providing advanced educational facilities and experiences for students in preparation for professional life. To provide the level of digital input technologies that professional education demands, all graduate students joining the MBC program are required to have a serviceable laptop computer with a minimum system configuration.

A Windows machine is required to run the necessary programs. MACS ARE NOT SUPPORTED. We suggest purchasing a Windows-based laptop with the following specifications:

Component Recommended Specifications (Rev: May 2022)
PC Processor Multi-Core Intel Xeon or I-7 Series processor or AMD equivalent
RAM 16GB  (32 GB recommended)
Internal Hard Disk 512GB SSD (1 TB recommended)
Video Adapter/Graphics Processor Graphics card 4GB (8GB recommended) of dedicated video memory (AMD or NVIDIA)
Operating System Windows 10/11 (OS X MAC not supported)
Display Size 15″ recommended
Suggested Warranty 3 year support with accidental damage coverage
Backup and Data Storage 1 TB External HD for backup (External Drive or Cloud Storage)
Additional Accessories Wireless Mouse Suggested
Estimate Purchase Price $1,000 – $2,000
Replacement Schedule Every 3 years with above specifications

David Royer

David Royer

BSCI Unit Technology Manager
(334) 844-8812