Construction programs in the United States are accredited by the American Council for Construction Education (ACCE). The ACCE is a global advocate of quality construction education programs and promotes, supports, and accredits quality construction education programs. Through promotion and continued improvement of postsecondary construction education, ACCE accredits construction education programs in colleges and universities that request its evaluation and meet its standards and criteria.

ACCE is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) as the accrediting agency for four-year baccalaureate degree programs in construction, construction science, construction management, and construction technology, and as the accrediting agency for two year associate-degree programs of a like nature.  

The Baccalaureate program in Building Science was first approved by the ACCE in 1980 and was last re-accredited in 2014. The program will be subject to re-accreditation in 2020. Our program is the only accredited Baccalaureate program in the State of Alabama.