Kelly Bryant


Kelly Bryant

School of Industrial and Graphic Design

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design

221 Wallace Hall Phone: (334) 844-3383

Master of Arts in Illustration, Syracuse University
Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design, Auburn University

Kelly Bryant is Professor of Graphic Design in the Auburn University School of Industrial and Graphic Design. A design educator for over 30 years, her personal work/research focus on collage and painting as an extension to her design work.

Trained primarily as a publication designer it only seemed natural that I would turn to typography in my personal art work. This work has stemmed from some research I did as a designer a few years back when I was seeking to work in an analog manner with typography and collage. From this I continued to create collages and then began to replicate either the whole collage or a segment of it in gouache. It is an ongoing process, as I am still exploring both collage and painting simultaneously looking for ways to continue to explore typography, color and pattern.

I received a BFA in graphic design from Auburn University and an MA in illustration from Syracuse University. Currently, I am a Professor of Graphic Design at Auburn University teaching courses in Typography, Publication Design, Magazine Design, Illustration and Drawing. In addition, I work as a freelance designer/illustrator and as an artist in the mediums of collage, watercolor, gouache and acrylic.

Interest areas in research and practice:
Typography, Color, Pattern, Collage