Educators Bring Professional Honors to Studio

CADC Dean Vini Nathan recently hosted the Alabama State AIA Design in Excellence Awards in Birmingham.  The Design Awards showcase the impressive work of alumni-composed and led firms from across the state; the event was especially poignant this year with many representatives of the School receiving top honors.

Alex Krumdiek, Director of APLA’s Urban Studio, received both an Honor Award in Design for “Minimalist Bath” with his firm Krumdiek A+I,  as well as a Merit Award in Design for “Guest Residence.” Hinson+Dagg Architects, formed by Architecture School Head, Christian Dagg with Professor of Architecture, David Hinson, was honored with a Merit Award for the design of “the Browning Residence.”  Student Anthony Spafford received an Honorable Mention Award for his project “807 Georgia Avenue.”

Prospective students, parents, and colleagues of the profession often inquire whether the School Faculty truly have the worldly and well-rounded experience necessary to enhance the scholarly elements of an architecture education.  Without a doubt, the School, and College, are honored to receive recognition for their work, and confirmation that they are indeed “out there” participating in the profession, bringing their experiences back to their students.  War Eagle!