2020 Seed Grant Awardees

Mary English
Animation in Architecture Education

Jeffrey Kim and Darren Olsen
Augmented Reality in Construction Quality Inspections

Salman Azhar and Sanjiv Kumar
Post Pandemic Airport Concourse Redesign Using Advanced Visualization Technologies

Junshan Liu and Gorham Bird
Realizing Alabama’s Rosenwald Schools, Phase I: Fieldwork + Digital Documentation

Keith Rahn and Kevin Hitchcock
The Impacts of Post-Occupancy Behavior on Energy Efficiency in a LEED Gold Institutional Building and Methods to Influence It Via Eco-Feedback System

Keith Rahn, Daniel Svyantek, and Lindsay Tan
Effects of Lighting Color in a University Testing Environment

Lauren Redden and Gargi Sawhney
A Qualitative Exploration of Stressors and Coping Behaviors in Managing Stress for Professionals in the Construction Industry

Courtney Windham and Margaret Fletcher
Fragments to Fruition: Discovering Designers and their Processes ­Documenting the Scribbles, Prototypes, Mistakes and Successes