Student Spotlight: Morgan Slone

Morgan Slone’s time at Auburn University is waning. A senior majoring in industrial design, Slone will graduate in May and begin her career with Prysmian Group. “I have accepted a job within their Build the Future Graduate Program. I will get to explore manufacturing, research and development, and sales and marketing for a year in Missouri before being placed in the best fit for my skillset and need in one of their international offices,” she said.

And while she’ll soon be moving away from the Plains, she’ll take lots of memories with her. “I will always remember the camaraderie, collaboration, and connections that I have made through my time in Auburn’s Industrial Design program,” she said. “I know both my professors and colleagues will be there to support each other and me as we move throughout our individual careers.”

She’s also taking many friendships she’s gained during the past four years. “Obviously the friends that I have made in college are going to be my friends for life. I really realized the importance of developing a group of friends who push you to be the best version of yourself.”

In addition, Slone will take with her some important professional skills she’s honed during her college career. She said she has learned that time management is key, as well as the importance of setting boundaries to manage schoolwork, outside activities, and leisure. “I am a big schedule and routine person. My advice is to try different methods until you find what works best for you,” she said. Aside from time management, Slone said she’s also learned how to be a more effective communicator while in college. “The biggest thing I’ve learned about myself is how I best communicate, but also learning the different styles of communication so that I can adapt my behavior depending on the situation in order to communicate effectively,” she said.

A native of Lexington, Kentucky, Slone has been involved in a variety of extracurricular activities at Auburn, including playing on the women’s lacrosse club team for two years, as well as being involved with Honors Serves, Auburn University Libraries Innovation & Research Commons, and Campus Kitchens. Most notably, she served as the Auburn IDSA student chapter president.

“Morgan is a force and the heart of our department,” said Ben Bush, associate professor of Industrial Design. “As the IDSA student chapter president, she is always advocating for her fellow classmates as well as the undergraduates. She has been instrumental in gathering voices and informing us of who to bring in as guest lecturers and what additional content to offer the student body. She is a dependable, fun, and dedicated human being who produces detailed, thoughtful human-centered designs. She is a rare talent, and it’s no surprise that she is gaining external recognition even before she graduates.”

Soon, Slone will be using all the skills she’s gained during her time at Auburn to develop concepts and solve problems in industry. She said her undergraduate coursework has made her a more conscientious designer, always considering the end user. For example, one of her current studio projects involves designing inclusive amenities for Playcore. “The amenity I am designing, a changing table, will make a real impact for a forgotten percentage of the population. This project has shown me how the solutions we create can bring dignity to the user. I aspire to continue making an impact in this way throughout my career.”

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