Spring Internships Have Sprung at Auburn’s Urban Studio

Fifth-year Architecture students in Auburn’s College of Architecture, Design and Construction (CADC) have headed to local firms.

In the world of architecture and urban planning, internships serve as critical bridges between academic learning and professional practice. These hands-on experiences immerse students in the practical challenges and innovations of the field, providing a unique vantage point that is often unattainable in the classroom. Internships not only allow students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world projects but also give them a glimpse into the collaborative and interdisciplinary nature of their future careers. This exposure is invaluable, as it cultivates a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in designing spaces and structures that are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally sound.

The Urban Studio internship program offers budding architects and urban planners a chance to witness the impact of their work firsthand. This experiential learning fosters a sense of responsibility and vision, essential traits for anyone aspiring to make meaningful contributions to the built environment. Beyond the learning experience, internships provide networking opportunities that are crucial for career advancement. Engaging with professionals in the field opens doors to mentorship, references and even potential job offers post-graduation. For students, these connections are goldmines of wisdom, offering insights into career paths, industry trends and society’s evolving demands on the built environment.

The growing emphasis on sustainability and smart cities means that internships can also serve as platforms for innovation and creativity. Students have the opportunity to work on projects that push the boundaries of traditional design and planning, contributing to the development of solutions that are both forward-thinking and grounded in community needs. This alignment with cutting-edge projects enhances their skill set and positions them as attractive candidates in a competitive job market.

Recognizing the immense value internships offer, several local architecture firms have opened their doors to the fifth-year students, eager to mold the next generation of architects and urban planners. Each firm offers a distinct approach to design and planning, providing interns with a broad spectrum of experiences and learning opportunities.

Let’s meet the hosts of this year’s interns.


Adrian Steward, Auburn Architecture senior at Urban Studio

“I’m most excited to learn their methods and processes for design, and how such a close-knit group of people can come together and design a building not only for aesthetics but also for the bettering of a community and environment.”
Adrian Steward, Architecture senior at Urban Studio

About ArchitectureWorks


ArchitectureWorks’ mission is to “make inspired places.” Since 1995, the firm has been creating places and living their values of community, service and making the world a better place to live, work and play.

The team at ArchitectureWorks values collaboration and combines that with respect for the communities they work in. Designers and architects work in pods to encourage collaboration and innovation. The firm’s depth of expertise and variety of experience provides an atmosphere for continuous learning and opportunities for mentoring, especially for student interns.

Architects and designers at ArchitectureWorks care about great design and making a positive difference in the world through their work, relationships and respect for the environment. They strive to make inspired places while having a positive influence on their community.

Featured Projects

Carrigan’s Gulf State Park The Son of a Butcher
MAKE Bham Alabama Wildlife Center Pursell Farms
Fish Market Flagg Mountain

Auburn Alumni

Jessica Hughes Bennett ‘08 Bruce Lanier ‘00 Scott Thompson ‘91
Cynthia Coyle ‘93 Roger A Mainor ‘09 Katie Wood ‘17
Alex Hamady ‘21 Doug Shaddix ‘99
Andrew Hicks ‘90 Tanmay Shetty ‘23

Nequette Architecture and Design

Camille Lewellyn, Auburn Architecture senior at Urban Studio

“I’m most excited to learn more about their design process when it comes to community planning and residential projects.”
Camille Lewellyn, Architecture senior at Urban Studio

About Nequette Architecture and Design


At Nequette, they are “place-makers who create thriving mixed-use town centers that capture the character of yesterday while anticipating the financial and environmental challenges of tomorrow.”

The team at Nequette thrives on solving problems with the dual goals of creating a sense of place and bringing people together. Over the years, they have worked on town centers, multi-family housing, infill of urban commercial spaces and residential neighborhoods. Their approach focuses on creativity and precision while delivering high-quality and innovation solutions. Nequette’s architects and designers strive to provide a compassionate and collaborative experience focusing on the client’s needs and vision.

Recent Projects

Watersound Beach Club Ross Bridge Dexter Avenue Mixed Use
The Village at Edenton The Preserve Town Center

Auburn Alumni

Cayce Bean ’07  Kurt Funderburg ’13 Jordan Payne ‘23 
Chad Bryant ’97 Sarah Jelks ‘10 Jamin Pendergraft ’12
Travis Burke ‘03 Chad Martin ‘97 Mattheas Repsher ’23
Keaton Ernst ’15 Frank McDaniel ’18  Seth Rodwell ‘03
Nick Frisby ’21 Louis Nequette ‘93 Steve Trueb ’85 

Krumdieck A+I

Jack McMullen, Auburn Architecture senior at Urban Studio

“I’m excited to learn their design process, as well as gain experience working on custom residential homes.”
Jack McMullen, Architecture senior at Urban Studio

About Krumdieck A+I

Krumdieck A+I

Krumdieck A+I Design provides distinctive design solutions for a wide range of commercial and residential projects. Since its formation in 1993, the firm has earned a reputation for their commitment to excellence, attention to detail and responsiveness to their clients’ needs. The Krumndieck A+I team combines a wealth of major commercial project experience with an extensive background in residential design. This unique combination lends itself to highly personalized attention while ensuring quality, project performance and sensitivity to budget and schedule.

Recent Projects

Ovenbird Barber Motorsports Rosemary Beach Retreats & Town Offices

Auburn Alumni

Alex Krumdieck ‘86
Derrick Owens ‘02

Pfeffer Torode Architecture

Jeremy Daniel, Auburn Architecture senior at Urban Studio

“I’m really looking forward to learning more about the complete process of residential architecture.”
Jeremy Daniel, Architecture senior at Urban Studio

About Pfeffer Torode Architecture

Pfeffer Torode

Pfeffer Torode’s Birmingham office brought new life to an abandoned carriage house on historic Cobb Lane, creating a light-drenched drawing room and meeting rooms sit above, tucked away from the energy of the studio, as a respite and place for focused discussion and design. The Pfeffer Torode team prides itself on creating compelling and timeless spaces through experimental design and authentic storytelling. Their architecture connects to the landscape and embodies modern aesthetics rooted in traditions of the past. The team combines comprehensive commercial project experience with an extensive background in fine residential design. With offices in Nashville, Chattanooga, Birmingham and Montgomery, their portfolio stretches the South and abroad.

Recent Projects

Elk River Club Audrey Ravello

Auburn Grads

Jeff Bak ’14 Wilbur Hill ’98 ’20 Jonathan Torode ’95 ’01
Nicholas Bruno ’22 Jamie Pfeffer ‘01 ’03 Scott Torode ’98
Erin Cypress ’10 Adrienne Retief ’84 Joe Yeager ’02

Williams Blackstock Architects

Jimmy Ramsey, Auburn Architecture senior at Urban Studio

“I’m excited to learn about their collaborative design process which has consistently produced good design.”
Jimmy Ramsey, Architecture senior at Urban Studio

About Williams Blackstock Architects

Williams Blackstock Architects is a full-service architectural design firm that cultivates collaborative partnerships based on a foundation of innovative problem-solving and deep expertise. The team uses thoughtful design, innovation, and creativity to reflect their passion for creating spaces that transform the human experience. They nurture a culture that reveres innovation, client focus and community advocacy. Encompassing a wide variety of architectural expertise on projects of varying size and scope, the firm’s collaborative team brings clients’ visions to life while prioritizing people amid highly technical design and construction processes. Founded in 1994, the firm has experienced continued growth by forging trusted relationships and delivering designs with the capacity to unite people, elevate communities and inspire meaningful cultural change.

Recent Projects

Cahaba Heights Park Dread River Distilling The Florentine
Children’s of Alabama Shelby County Services Building

Auburn Grads

Kayla Bailey ’19 Monica Dunaway ’98 ‘02 Binx Newton ’99
Matthew Barrett ’00 Brittany Foley ‘09 Rachel Perry ’17
Joel Blackstock ‘80 Matthew Foley ‘03 Anna Claire Priest ’22
AC Brown ’23 Amanda Fowler ’06 Bill Segrest ‘98
Asia Burgin ’18 Kyle Franklin ’92 Sharon Stone ’16
Taylor Christiansen ’15 Chris Green ’88 Joey Tudisco ’08
Jared Core ’20 Lauren Gwaltney ’05 Sean Whitt ’95
Jeremy Cutts ’10  Derek Needham ’05