Q&A with Summer Academy Participant Anna Grace Rogers

Anna Grace Rogers was one of the 2019 camp participants at the Construction Management Summer Academy for Young Women. She is currently an 11th grader at Dunwoody High School in Dunwoody, Georgia.


What was your favorite part of camp last year?

“I really enjoyed all of the interactive activities we did at camp. One day we took a field trip to Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta. We were able to visit their job site and see the construction of the project. It was beneficial to see how everything that we learned during the week was tied together. We also built a lamp, which is kind of interesting. We started with the base. We had to cut wood with a power saw and wire all the electrical. I think it was because I was doing something so out of my comfort zone that it was even more fun. I remember we all had so much fun putting it together. I had some trouble with the electrical wiring, but in the end I figured it out. I still have my lamp in my room at home.”


What made you apply to this camp?  How did you know you were interested in Construction Management?

“I heard about the camp through an e-mail sent by my high school, but I grew up in a household where my mom is an architect and my dad works in construction. Being exposed to construction my whole life, the industry was already appealing to me. I’ve always helped out my mom, picking out paint colors or talking about the design of houses. It has always been interesting to me. So when the e-mail about camp came to me, I was immediately interested, especially because it was at Auburn, which is one of my top choices.”


Would you recommend this camp to other rising 11th and 12th grade young women?

“I would definitely recommend this camp. As a women-oriented camp, I think it is interesting to let girls see the different aspects of a male-dominated profession. I got to see many of the things that this degree can offer for my future.”


How did it feel being in a female-only learning environment?

“It was eye-opening for me to realize that women can make an impact in this field of study since the female representation is so low. I loved Ms. Redden, she was very welcoming to everybody. I think what was most interesting to me was the fact that the campers came from different places from all over the country, but because we had this common interest as females interested in construction we bonded very quickly. We all got along really well.”


What are your plans for the future?

“Right now, I’m planning to attend college right out of high school. I want to get my undergraduate degree in design, construction or architecture. I haven’t really made a definite decision, but right now Auburn is my top choice, especially because of the opportunities that CADC offers.”


What do you like to do in your free time?

“I spend a lot of time doing homework, but I am also a cheerleader at my school. I love doing that. We have a great team, and we are all very close. I also participate in Young Life activities and volunteer opportunities at my school.”


What is your favorite meal/cuisine?

“I love Asian food. I live just down the street from one of the best Chinese restaurants in my town, and it is definitely one of the spots that all of my friends can always agree on going. We spend lots of time there.”

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