Graphic Design Student Awarded Best of Show at UCDA Design Awards

Caroline Webster, UCDA 2023

Caroline Webster, a junior in Graphic Design at Auburn was recently awarded the prestigious Best of Show in the 2023 University & College Designers Association (UCDA) Design Awards. 

The UCDA Design Awards recognize the best of the exceptional design and creative work done by communication professionals to promote educational institutions (secondary, vocational or higher education) and supports the exchange of ideas and information relating to the unique role of these creatives.

Caroline Webster, UCDA 2023

“It’s completely unreal!” Webster shared. “I was so shocked when I first got the email. I am so grateful and honored that people thought something I made was good enough to win Best in Show.”

Webster’s award-winning project was based on the Eames’ “House of Cards,” a deck of interlocking cards with various designs. She drew inspiration from the work of designer Herbert Matter, incorporating the typeface “Puzzler” into her design. Webster chose to explore the theme of gas stations, using the project as an opportunity to discuss sustainability and climate change, issues close to her heart.

She explained, “I had so many ideas and avenues I wanted to take for this project but keeping it about renewable vs. non-renewable energy made the most sense.”

Webster spoke highly of the support and guidance she received from her instructor, Associate Professor David Smith. She praised Smith for allowing students the freedom to explore.

“He allows the students to go in their direction and follow their instincts,” Webster noted. “If you get stuck or come to something you don’t know how to do, in about 10 minutes he will have found three tutorials online for you and have three different ways you can tackle the problem.”

Throughout her time in the program, Webster felt this type of support from the graphic design faculty as well as her peers.

“I have loved my experience in the Graphic Design program. Two years ago I would not be able to believe half the things I can do now, and that is thanks to the faculty that make it their priority to see me succeed. I love all the people in my cohort and feel so supported in all my endeavors.”

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