Freear Receives Prestigious Loeb Fellowship

Freear Receives Prestigious Loeb Fellowship

Wiatt Professor and Rural Studio Director Andrew Freear has been selected as a recipient of a Loeb Fellowship at the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University for the 2017–2018 academic year.

Loeb Fellows are selected from the broadest array of influential design practitioners, thought leaders, activists, and policy makers from around the globe who’s sustained careers have positively impacted the environment and communities in which they live and work. This year’s Loeb Fellows expertise range from dealing with protracted humanitarian and environmental crisis, food insecurity, access to dignified and affordable housing, social engagement, and economic development, all issues central to the mission and values of Auburn University’s Rural Studio.

Loeb Fellows are broadly engaged with the academic and research community at the GSD. Working together to share and develop innovative ideas, Fellows participate in classes, workshops, roundtable discussions, seminars, lectures, and study tours offered throughout Harvard& MIT’s network of professional and academic schools. For one year they read, write, work with professors, and mentor students, all with the goal of expanding their own professional horizons, honing their perspective, and clearly defining their focus as change agents in the organizations they lead.

Rural Studio welcomes the Loeb Fellowship and the opportunity it brings for Freear to advance our commitment towards the resilience of rural communities and to examine the growing gulf between these communities and their urban counterparts. Specifically, Freear will seek to push forward the 20K Home initiative’s goal of providing affordable, equity building, locally sourced, sustainable, and dignified rural housing. Working closely with Freear during the fellowship year, Professor Xavier Vendrell will continue as Acting Director at Rural Studio and Professor Rusty Smith will continue in his role as Associate Director.