Windham’s Poster Wins Acclaim

Windham's Poster Wins Acclaim

Courtney Windham, Associate Professor of Graphic Design, has been recognized for her poster advertising the Spring 2018 Graphic Design Juried Student Show. Fourteen by twenty-five inches and printed digitally, the print also features one layer of black ink which is screen-printed by hand. Windham writes, “The design is an experimental work inspired by optical illusions and the opportunity to communicate messages in that optical space.” Windham produced an accompanying video which animates the shapes and typography in the piece. Thirty posters were printed in-house and distributed to members of the design community to publicize the event, which featured Gail Anderson, a prominent New York-based designer.

Windham’s poster has been included in the Creative Quarterly Journal (#52) as the Graphic Design Award Winner. The poster and animation won an Excellence Award in PRINT magazine’ Regional Design Annual and will be featured in the upcoming publication, The Best of Design in Spring 2019. Graphis awarded the poster with a Merit Award as a part of its Annual Poster Publication and will publish the poster in its upcoming book, also expected in early 2019. The poster won an Award of Excellence in The University & College Designers Association (UCDA) Design Competition in September and will become a part of the UCDA archive of work. And finally, Windham’s poster was selected to be on the shortlist for the Communication Arts 2019 Typography Competition. Only 308 entries were shortlisted from the 1,653 entries submitted.

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