Tiger Giving Day 2024 Funds CADC’s Experience Alabama Fieldwork Program

Auburn Landscape Architecture

Thanks to community support on Tiger Giving Day last week, the College of Architecture, Design and Construction (CADC) has raised $11,115 to support Landscape Architecture's Experience Alabama Fieldwork Program.

A boots-on-the-ground experience, the program allows students  to travel the state—from the Gulf Coast to the Tennessee River Valley—exploring Alabama’s diverse landscapes.

From indigenous mounds and rare ecosystems to important sites in the struggle for Civil Rights and contemporary works of landscape architecture, students begin to understand the varied systems that have shaped our shared landscapes. Students get to know the state and each other, building the foundation of knowledge that will allow them to actively engage in addressing the pressing issues facing the state of Alabama as both designers and citizens.

“Designing in the studio is important, but there’s nothing compared to being out in the world, seeing how things are built, making connections with communities,” shared Isaac Cohen, Project Owner and Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture.