Rural Resilience Mapping in Hale County, Alabama

Since 1993, Auburn University Rural Studio has engaged in applied research related to the development of rural prosperity. Based out of Hale County, the work of Rural Studio is grounded in years of experience living and working within the community. To further understand the challenges and opportunities for creating healthy communities, we propose to bolster on-the-ground experience through mapping quantitative data in Hale County to reveal larger patterns and relationships and inform work going forward.

The goal of this research is to develop a comprehensive map tool that compiles information on Hale County’s geography, ecology, infrastructure, population metrics, and existing community resources and services, which will:

1. Assist Rural Studio in prioritizing, planning, and developing projects around areas of community need.

2. Provide a benchmark to assess a project’s long-term effectiveness at addressing identified vulnerabilities.

3. Graphically communicate how applied research addresses a documented need to both raise awareness and generate funding. The map tool is intended to be a living tool, not a snapshot of current conditions. As part of a geospatial network, it can and should be updated as new data becomes available.

Funding for this project was provided by a CADC Seed Grant.

Emily McGlohn is an Assistant Professor of Architecture at Rural Studio, Mackenzie Stagg is an Assistant Research Professor and Emily Knox is a Visiting Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at Auburn’s School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture.

Rural Resilience Mapping in Hale County, Alabama

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