Omar Degan

Visiting Assistant Professor

Omar Degan

School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Interior Architecture

418 Dudley Hall

Master of Science (MSc with Hons) in Architecture for Sustainability and Built Environment (Design), Polytechnic of Turin (Italy) and Chinese University of Hong Kong (HK)
Bachelor of Architecture in Architecture and Design, Polytechnic of Turin (Italy)

Post Graduate School in Habitat and Cooperation, Emergency Architecture - Developing countries

Omar Degan is the Founder and Principal of DO Architecture Group, an architecture firm based between The Horn of Africa–USA–Italy and specialized in Emergency architecture, post-conflict reconstruction and cultural diversity. The principle of his firm, lie in designing culturally, historically and climatically relevant solutions to social problems around the world, with particular focus on the most vulnerable communities and minorities. With his work he seeks to develop new ways to celebrate the cultural identity of the communities around the world through the use of architecture supporting peace, development and a more sustainable future.

Interest areas in research and practice:
Cultural diversity and architecture
Architecture in developing countries and marginalities
Architecture in Emergency contexts from conflict to natural disaster
Urban distressed Areas