Judith Seaman


Judith Seaman

School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture

Bachelor of Architecture

8448 Alabama Highway 61, Newbern, AL 36765 Phone: (334) 624-4483

Bachelor of Architecture, Auburn University, 2021

Judith Seaman is a 3rd-Year Instructor and Clerk of Works at the Auburn University Rural Studio in the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture. She earned her Bachelor of Architecture at Auburn University in 2021. She was a Rural Studio student as a 3rd-Year on Mrs. Patrick’s Home team and a 5th-Year designing and building Myers’ Home in Newbern, AL. Since joining the staff in 2022, Judith has worked between the 3rd-Year classroom, job site, and wood shop in the dedicated teaching team to design and construct Rosie’s Home and its millwork. The Rural Studio tenets of durability, affordability, efficiency, and ease of construction in housing are put to the test in the building systems and detailing of each these past and current housing prototypes. Judith enjoys the opportunity to find material solutions and design processes of assembly to achieve these goals for her clients and neighbors in Hale County, as well as the communities the refined prototypes will serve.