Christian Ayala

Research Architect

Christian Ayala

School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture

Master of Science in Architecture, Rice University, 2022
Bachelor of Architecture, Auburn University, 2008
Bachelor of Interior Architecture, Auburn University, 2008

Registered Architect, Georgia

Throughout his academic pursuits, Christian Ayala focused on working with alternative housing practice models that explore affordability, sustainability, and typology in an educational environment with real-world applications. As an Auburn graduate, Christian was part of a team that built a Design Habitat home in Greensboro, Al. In graduate school at Rice University, he was a graduate assistant for the Rice Architecture Construct program, where he was part of the design/build, and development of ADUs built in local neighborhoods. He was also a research assistant at the Rice Architecture Affordable housing laboratory, where he collaborated with community partners to explore alternative housing strategies prioritizing affordability and community building.

Prior to starting at Auburn University as a Research Architect, Christian worked at Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects in Atlanta, Ga, and at TEN Arquitectos in both the New York and Mexico City offices. Between both offices he worked on projects of all large and small scales projects with varying uses from master planning to exhibitions, institutional, cultural, and competitions. He primarily worked and led many high-density residential developments in New York, Washington D.C., and Atlanta that explore public space, density, mixed-use, constructability, economy, and aesthetics.

His interest lies in developing a research-based model that takes a comprehensive approach that addresses the obstacles in providing accessible, resilient, high-performing affordable housing.

Interest areas in research and practice:
Affordable housing
Multi-family housing
Building Technology
Community-oriented design