Meet Olivia French ’18: SIGD Advisory Council Member

According to Olivia French, a Georgia native and 2018 graduate of Auburn’s School of Industrial and Graphic Design (SIGD), her “creative passions come to life through gardening, cooking, pottery, arranging flowers and sourcing the perfect elements for a brand, set or home. One might say I like to have my hands in it all.”

Olivia French ’18
Olivia French ’18

Following her graduation from Auburn, French accepted a job in the wine and spirits industry in the heart of the California wine country. The experience she gained there, working primarily with clients in the beverage industry, encouraged her to launch Olivia French Studio in San Luis Obispo, California, where she is currently creative director and owner.

The Studio provides start-to-finish design services, from branding, packaging and design to social media curation and content creation. She still has numerous clients among the area’s multiple wineries and brands, including Michael David, Paso Verde, Gaslighter, Tally and Earthquake. But the Studio is becoming increasingly focused on the craft industry, working with makers, farmers, agriculturists, bakers and other connoisseurs, from small local businesses to large industries.

“I infuse intention into design and extend this philosophy to the realm of creative marketing,” French says of the secret to her success. “Collaborating with me means gaining a Creative Director with a business mindset, dedicated to crafting memorable and engaging brands.”

Having been raised in a family rich in Auburn tradition, French is eager to give back to the university and SIGD program in her new role on the Advisory Council.

“I’m dedicated to giving back to Auburn in the same spirit Auburn gave to me,” she said. “My goal is to support the next generation of designers and creatives, offering any advice, words of wisdom, opportunities or guidance to help pave their paths.

“Ultimately,” she added, “I want to support Auburn’s aspiring talent, creating a lasting impact by fostering a community that values innovation, embraces diverse perspectives and equips students for successful careers in the dynamic field of design.”