Interior architecture remembers Michael Hubbs

Interior architecture remembers Michael Hubbs

Third, fourth and fifth year students in the Bachelor of Interior Architecture (ARIA) program held an exhibition of their work in the Dudley Gallery on March 6 in memory of Auburn University professor and alumnus Michael Hubbs.

Hubbs, who died last year at age 63, was an interior architecture adjunct professor at Auburn University for nine years and a 1974 graduate of the interior design program.

In addition to the work on display, the event featured an overview of the ARIA program delivered by ARIA Chair Sheri Schumacher, a visit to the Materials Lab in the CADC Library and a tribute to Hubbs given by Gaines Blackwell, Emeritus Professor in the School of Architecture, Planning and Landscape Architecture.

“I had a genuine love for Mike,” Blackwell said in his tribute. “I miss him terribly. When someone you’ve known for such a long time dies, something strange happens to you inside. Once I realized I would never see him again it touched me really deeply. I tear up when I think about it. It’s like losing a brother.”

A group of alumni raised $2,070 dollars for a one-time scholarship in memory of Hubbs. The scholarship will be awarded in the spring to a rising fifth year thesis student in interior architecture.

“Mike Hubbs was my very first design professor,” said Allison Jones, scholarship contributor and CADC interior design graduate. “After four years of design and fun-filled studio banter, he became an amazing mentor who always put his passion for design and interior architecture ahead of all else. I hope that the student receiving this scholarship will always share his love and laughter.”

Hubbs received his Bachelor of Arts in Architecture under E. Fay Jones, a student of Frank Lloyd Wright, at the University of Arkansas. He earned his Bachelor of Interior Design in the School of Architecture at Auburn University and his Master of Science in Architecture at Georgia Tech. He taught for 27 years and practiced residential architecture, commercial interior design and residential interior design, with 127 completed projects over 42 years.

Pictured: Gaines Blackwell (left) with Mike Hubbs (right)