Hurst-Windham Posters and Video Win Awards

Hurst-Windham Posters and Video Win Awards

Student recruitment materials designed by Courtney Hurst-Windham, assistant professor of graphic design, have received several awards. Hurst-Windham designed the posters and video for the School of Industrial + Graphic Design’s 2013-14 increased recruitment efforts that reached out to high school students, teachers and counselors.

The multiple printed pieces were designed to communicate the various aspects of the SIGD programs as well as be lasting reminders that could hang on a wall. In order to maintain cohesion between the two, both posters are the same size, folding style, and have similar visual language. In addition, links and a QR code are provided for each to give the viewer multiple ways to access additional content online. The two poster brochures are distributed as a set and intended to be viewed as two programs that find strength in being housed together.

The Graphic and Industrial Design posters received an American InHouse Design Award (GDUSA) and will be published in the magazine and the online gallery. This competition is the original and premier showcase of inhouse communications. This year’s entries topped 4,500; a highly selective top 15 percent are recognized with a Certificate.

Other awards for the Industrial and Graphic Design posters include an American Graphic Design & Advertising Award 29 and inclusion in the AGDA 29 book and in the online gallery and a Runner-Up Award in Creative Quarterly 36. Runner’s up will be reproduced online in Fall 2014 coinciding with the publication. (

The graphic design video is designed to be an extension of the poster but focus more on the graphic design community and student work. Hurst-Windham created the video using techniques taught in her Type in Motion course. Students created imagery featured in the video and the accompanying poster.

The Graphic Design video was selected as an award winner in the 2014 Creativity Media & Interactive Competition. There were hundreds of Media & Interactive entries submitted from around the globe. The jury selected the video as an example of outstanding creative design. (

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