Research and Scholarship

Auburn Mass Timber Collaborative

The Auburn Mass Timber Collaborative (AMTC) is a multidisciplinary research, training, and outreach initiative that includes faculty across three colleges: College of Architecture, Design and Construction, the College of Forestry, Wildlife and Environment, and the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering. The AMTC mission is to connect and inform diverse stakeholders about how Alabama forests and timber buildings can advance ecological restoration and bring economic benefits to the state through novel timber building production. The AMTC will address these larger systemic issues by working directly with manufacturers and forestry associations to expand the use of varied timber products, and to rapidly expand informed momentum for sustainable forestry in Alabama. The AMTC will be holding a series of transdisciplinary training events for students and professionals in the coming months.

The AMTC-affiliated faculty have been teaching and conducting mass timber and wood product research for many years; you can read more about specific projects in the News section and in faculty profiles.