CADC Teams Collaborate in the Production of PPE for EAMC



In response to a call from EAMC, CADC faculty Darren Olsen (Building Science) and Jerrod Windham (Industrial Design), and industrial design staff Chad Bailey, David Gowan and Robert Capps have joined a group of volunteer collaborators across campus. This diverse group is working to identify appropriate designs, test prototypes and use 3D printing to produce components for personal protective equipment (PPE) much needed at the East Alabama Medical Center (EAMC) in Opelika. The project has been spearheaded by the Samuel Ginn College of Engineering (SGCoE) and coordinated by Steve Taylor, SGCoE Associate Dean for Research. According to Taylor, this group of AU volunteers has currently been tasked with producing face shields to provide support to medical professionals at the local hospital.

PPE Face Shield

PPE Face Shield Image – Prusa Printer

CADC’s Olsen, Windham, Bailey, Gowan and Capps are among the members of the AU family to respond to this call, offering their expertise and sophisticated fabrication equipment. According to Windham, interest in the project has been so widespread that he has even had students with 3D printers volunteering their time, effort, and machines to the cause. This is an outstanding example of how professionals from different disciplines, in this case construction managers, industrial designers and engineers, can team up to meet a critical community need.