Collage on paper using repurposed materials, 2014, 10x10

Windham’s design work is focused on methods in effective communication through the pairing of print and motion solutions. She has received numerous national and international awards and her work has been published in several magazines and books including: Print Magazine Regional Design Annual 2014 & 2015, HOW Magazine, 2014 & 2015; Creative Quarterly Journals, #39 & #41; LogoLounge, Vol. 9; and Graphic Design USA magazine.

The submitted piece, titled “Buzz,” is part of a larger body of work called “Kinetic Collage Series 01.” Five collages from the set were winners in the Fine Art category of Creative Quarterly #39 and published in the journal in 2015. The collages are nature-inspired. They use repurposed materials on paper and are quick studies in color, composition, and white space. This collage is not only a hand-made piece existing on paper but it is intended to also be viewed in the form of an animation through the lens of an app, building a connection between the realm of the handmade and time-based digital media. Each collage is inspired by a particular motion; “Buzz” depicts the swirling motion of a swarm of bees.

Courtney Windham is Associate Professor of Graphic Design at Auburn’s School of Industrial and Graphic Design.

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