Building Science Students Host Construction Industry Podcast

Laying Foundations Podcast

Davis Hambrick and Walker Lott are McWhorter School of Building Science graduates and hosts of “Laying Foundations,” a unique podcast that addresses issues related to construction management and highlights individuals who work in the industry.

Davis Hambrick and Walker Lott

Recent graduates of Auburn’s McWhorter School of Building Science, Hambrick (‘20) and Lott (‘21) decided to begin recording “Laying Foundations” because they felt it was important to introduce a broad audience to the industry they love. “Our goal is to reach high school and college students who do not know about the incredible opportunities in construction, as well as people who do not know about construction in general,” explained Lott. “We are also passionate about skilled trades, and we want to enlighten high school students to the incredible opportunity trades present if college is not a direction they want to go.”

As hosts, Hambrick and Lott interview their guests to learn about secrets to success in the industry then share that information with their listeners. As a rule, they encourage listeners to consult with others for help with problem-solving, to welcome feedback and to be team players.

Hambrick currently works as an Assistant Field Manager with Brasfield & Gorrie in New Orleans, while Lott has moved to Birmingham. The pair have recorded close to two dozen episodes remotely, using Zoom to speak with one another and with guests from all over the country. “Each guest brings something exciting to the table,” said Lott. “We continue to grow each week by speaking with someone new.” They’ve interviewed home builders, commercial general contractors, real estate investors, building science faculty, YouTube personalities and an electrical engineer-turned-pastor, among others.

Lott says that the feedback they’ve received from fellow recent alumni has motivated them to continue producing episodes. “Davis and I have both received multiple texts from our friends saying they love what we are doing.” 

“Laying Foundations” is available for free on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.