Bryant’s Work Featured in UPPERCASE

Bryant’s Work Featured in UPPERCASE

Kelly Bryant, Auburn University graphic design professor, is one of the featured designers in the most recent issue of UPPERCASE (Issue 35), a quarterly publication that is inspired by craft, design, and illustration. UPPERCASE is an award-winning, international print magazine with a unique aesthetic that features high production values—high-quality paper and printing, incredible attention to detail, and is meticulously curated with submissions from artists and designers from around the world.


UPPERCASE Issue 35 Cover 'Just Being Beautiful'

Issue 35 “explores two things that we all experience on a regular basis: type and time…and what drives artists to become alphabetically obsessed.” In her six-page feature, “Kelly Bryant: Collages and Paintings Inspired by Playful Typographic Details,” Bryant discusses her process for creating collages and paintings and why she likes to “discombobulate the letterforms through collage.”

“My recent research stems from some commissioned design work I created a few years back when I was seeking to work in an analog manner with both typography and collage. Seeing the letterforms as shape, color or pattern, I create collages or gouache paintings that either replicate the full collage or a segment of it,” explains Bryant. “The primary role of typography is not as language or story, rather it is foremost an exploration of typography as form, texture or color.”

View the latest issue of UPPERCASE, “Letter Love,” here and in the CADC library.