BIM to Cloud to XR: A Framework to Streamline Immersive Construction Visualizations


This study aimed to find a simpler and faster way for students in construction technology classes to interact with their 3D models. Typically, students face challenges in using technology to enhance their learning. The study wanted to make it easier for students to access and explore their 3D models in an immersive manner, like using a VR headset. The study developed a process where students first create a 3D model in Autodesk Revit. Once their model is ready, they can upload it using a special tool in Revit. After the upload, students can view and navigate their model in virtual reality at a 1:1 scale using a VR headset. They can also invite their classmates to join them in exploring the model. This way, students can guide their peers through their work, leading to a more engaging and educational experience.

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