An Initial Investigation into Peak Learning Experiences of BSCI Alumni


The aim of this project was to identify academic experiences that resonate as peak moments for graduates of Construction Management programs long after leaving school. The authors conducted three different focus groups with industry professionals graduating from CM programs within the last 10 years. Groups were assembled from general contractor firms in Atlanta, Birmingham, and Nashville. Each group participated in a full day structured focus group administered by the researchers. Following individual questioning, the participants engaged in group discussions to identify common traits that made their experiences so significant. Results indicated graduates find the most significant college memories to stem from real-world experiences that allow them to connect what they’re doing in the classroom to their future career. These experiences can be bolstered if they happen over extended time periods, include meaningful engagement with faculty and peers, exposure to diverse populations, and shared connection with classmates. Internships were identified by many as key activities supporting these traits. This can be valuable information for construction firms to consider when developing/revising internship experiences.

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