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The CADC Research Council is pleased to announce that the follow proposals have been awarded 2016 Seed Grants. The CADC’s Seed Grant program provides yearly opportunities for faculty to apply for small grants to initiate new research endeavors and to provide match funding for the Auburn University Intramural Grant Program. The Seed Grant Awards are funded by the CADC’s Dean’s Office and the McWhorter School of Building Science.


Valerie Friedmann (APLA) and Rob Holmes (APLA) for “Mobile Bay Mud Lakes: Co-evaluation of Industrial Processes and Plant Communities on Dredged Material Management Areas.”  Above image: Site visit to the Blakeley Island Mud Lakes in Mobile, AL; courtesy of Valerie Friedmann


Matthew Hall (APLA) for “Sigured Lewerentz: Context, Fragments and Influence expanded.”


Justin Miller (APLA) for “Climate Responsive? Revisiting the Sert and Gropius Residences.”


Carlton Nell, Jr. (SIGD) for “Painting as Mediator.”


Wei Wang (SIGD) for “Wearable Eye Tracking Devices for User Experience and Human Factor Research.”


Danielle Willkens (APLA) for “Early Intervention Design Education: a developing methodology for adolescent architectural education.”


Danielle Willkens (APLA) and Junshan Liu (BSCI) for “BRING HISTORY TO LIFE: Civil Rights Conflict Archaeology through the Creation of a Virtual Simulation of ‘Bloody Sunday’ at the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL.”


Karen Rogers

Karen Rogers

Associate Dean for Graduate Studies and Research and Associate Professor