College of Architecture, Design and Construction

Faculty and Staff


Foreign Nationals Agreement  


Part-time/Visiting Faculty Salary Policy

A limit of up to $2,000 per credit hour for one class based upon experience; multiple sections that are the same will be discounted at the school head’s discretion.

CADC Search Committee Policy

In order to secure the strongest possible candidates, CADC search committees must maintain strict confidentiality. Once a short list of candidates to be invited has been determined by the committee, and the candidates have been notified, all short-listed candidates’ vitae and letters of interest will be made available to faculty for their review and perusal.

CADC Professional Improvement Leave (PIL)

Faculty member become eligible for a paid PIL after 6 academic years (academic year = 2 semesters or 3 quarters and does not include summer).

Faculty member must be tenured.

Selection for PIL will be at the discretion of the department head based on criteria established by the department.

CADC Inventory Control Policy

The initial inventory will be created and distributed by the CADC Educational Technology Director or his representative. Faculty and staff members who receive inventory item(s) must assume responsibility by signing upon receipt. Each department/school office will maintain a record for each faculty/staff member, which will list all items for which that individual is responsible. Upon relocation, transfer or disposal of item(s), the responsible individual must notify the departmental office.

CADC Faculty Buyout Policy

$1,500 per credit hour for one class; multiple sections that are the same will be discounted at the school head’s discretion. If buy-out is more than 50%, any salary savings will be split between the school and faculty member. The department head maintains the right of refusal. The faculty member must give the department at least four months lead time. All buy-outs must be approved by the Dean.

CADC Academic Administrator Step-Down Policy

Full-time twelve month administrative academic positions in the College of Architecture Design and Construction include the following:
  • Dean
  • Associate Dean
  • Head, School of Architecture
  • Head, School of Industrial + Graphic Design
  • Head, McWhorter School of Building Science
Should an individual in one of these positions desire to return to his/her home department in a nine month teaching position, the following policy shall apply with regard to determining the nine month salary.
If the individual has served in the administrative position for three full years, they can return to a nine month faculty position at a salary that is 80 percent of the twelve month salary that they received in the last year of their administrative appointment.
If the individual has served in the administrative position for less than three years, and they elect to return to a nine month faculty position, their salary will be based upon the following calculation:
They will be paid at the rate of the average of the individuals in the department who hold the same rank and with the same amount of time in that rank (i.e., full professor in rank for four years).
The individual will be eligible for any merit pay increase that is made available by the university. The base for the raise will be the twelve month administrative salary (since the merit pay is for performance while the individual was in the administrative position). As an example, if the individual’s twelve month salary was $120,000 and the merit pay equaled 5%, the amount of raise would be $6,000. Therefore, the new nine month salary would be 80% of $126,000, or $100,800.
Any accrued vacation must be taken prior to the nine month academic year which follows the resignation (it must be taken between the time that the resignation is announced and the immediately following academic year).
CADC academic administrators are eligible for Professional Improvement Leave (PIL). The policy regarding PIL is outlined in the Auburn University Faculty Handbook. The timing of PIL can be negotiated as a part of the step down process.


CADC Guidelines for Annual Assessment, Promotion and Tenure, and Post-Tenure Review