Kiewit Women's Construction Leadership Seminar

Mar 7th, 2018

Kiewit Women's Construction Leadership Seminar

Briege Donahue

My name is Briege Donahue and I am from Fairhope, AL. I am currently a junior in the Building Science program here at Auburn. I plan on graduating in the summer of 2019 and then pursuing a master's in Preservation Design with a focus on preserving older homes and buildings.  I am a CADC Ambassador and Vice President for the AGC Student Chapter. I believe it is extremely important to get involved while in school to open opportunities not offered solely in the classroom, so when Dr. Richard Burt told me about the chance to attend Kiewit's Women's Construction Leadership Seminar, I jumped at it. The two-day seminar took place at Kiewit's Training Center in Aurora, CO. There were 48 other female attendees from across the nation, all of whom were construction management or engineering majors. Being in a major that is over 90% male can be very intimidating, and this seminar brought together amazing women to help build our confidence, expand our knowledge, and make friendships that will grow throughout our careers in the construction industry.


The seminar gave us unique, hands-on opportunities to learn new skills, such as welding and how to fit pipes. We also had a mock "Shark Tank" activity where we pitched an idea on how to get younger women interested in construction. Our group came up with the idea to host an event for grade school women to have a Lego build off. This would allow for a fun, hands-on learning experience while learning more about construction.


Kiewit has offered to sponsor all the teams and these events as long as we put in the effort to make them happen. Kiewit is an incredible company that cares about the future of construction. This seminar confirmed how much I love my major and where I am headed in the construction industry. It has also inspired me to bring light to other women who think that construction is only for men. Knowing that I have this company's support on my journey to achieve this goal makes me so excited for what is to come.